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Vasyl Hudyma
Wedding photographer

From the moment I first see you, to the time you walk on and off that gilded aisle,  my heart beat fast as i watch a fascinating couple approach, and what makes my  days is what my couples give my, the faith and pride in my person. The faces you face the world with is my living art. The subject of my cameras' click click click brings just as deep a pleasure as when i notice what i have never seen before

I breathe and live for your beauty together. A wedding whose contours converse in a secret dialogue, applied, embraced and buffed with skill. Capturing a heel, chasing after a hemline is my chance to show love, i live to discover what you have made -never fatigued or undone by my search for the most elusive of sartorial qualities: timeless style.

DSC09425-2 (2)-2_edited.jpg
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